Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the time is coming near...

we are one month away from our due date - whew!
a few weeks ago my response to 'how are you feeling?!' changed from 'really great, i can't complain, i've really enjoyed being pregnant!' to, 'i'm starting to get a little uncomfortable, but i really can't complain, i've been blessed with a great pregnancy!'
and now...these few weeks later i want to laugh at myself last month!
i was feeling uncomfortable then?!
the past 5-6 days are throwing me for a loop!
i am exhausted, my feet began to swell, and i literally cannot pick something up that is on the ground unless i am also on the ground and then i can't pick myself up!

i didn't write this to complain - but to give us all a laugh about how much pregnancy changes what you are capable of!
for the last few months i have been pretty much able to keep up my pace and activity and independence - i am recently realizing the joys of letting other people pick up my pen that i dropped, help me carry groceries in and fetch me a refill of water :)
i am still able to stay active and be busy, but this basketball that i am smuggling under my shirt is taking a toll on me!

i can't wait to meet our little bundle and be able to paint my own toes again :)

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  1. Can you post a picture or email me one please? I want to see that belly!!