Sunday, November 1, 2009

friends and fun

joel and i got to spend part of this lovely weekend with our good friends andy and katie from toledo. they came over saturday afternoon with dublin, katie's lab and rufus, andy's german shepherd. it was a full and fun house with those two big dogs and our little eme!

we all also went to our friend michael's costume party
andy was a pirate and katie, a ninja

they're not always that scary...we love when they come to visit or we get the chance to go there!

joel and i went as jim and pam

joel was a great jim!!! (he even brought a stapler in jello!) and i was an ok pam (i did pass out jelly beans all night...)
people only figured out what i was because of my cute husband :)

today andy and katie accompanied us to church where we were met with a great message filtered through chad and then raked at my parents house for a few hours before a delicious lunch at el camino and our second game of settler's of catan of the weekend! (this time, katie was victorious! - in your face joel.)

with our hearts filled and our house emptied we are going to relax and rejuvenate this evening, together - enjoying the blessings of being husband and wife - a union we are thankful for every day.

(this was my first post with pictures...and the pictures aren't spectacular - hopefully will improve in the future!)


  1. Joel totally has the Jim-face down! Wow! You guys look so cute! Love it.

  2. loooooooooooooooooove the dog picture!!! just hysterical! thanks for the giggle!

  3. Jim and Pam! That's too funny! Great idea!

  4. ha:) you guys are so great as jim and pam!