Monday, November 23, 2009


yesterday, joel, eme, and i laid down for a little snooze after church and before we left to watch notre dame hockey at the coliseum
i'm lucky, cause i always get to be in the middle of this family 'spoon'
joel, me, eme - because of our positioning, and how crazy lazy eme is - she ended up laying on my face to rest
as i was trying to escape her curls winding up my nose and down my throat i said 'eme, quit suffocating me with your fluff!' and joel called it 'flufficating'
i seriously laughed for the next five minutes - it was so funny and so perfect!
that's what eme likes to do - accidentely flufficate you
since i'm talking about our precious little gem of a pup - i'll let you in on all the animals joel and i believe take a part in making up her heritage and ancestry:

1. dog (her genes - obviously)
2. cat (her purr)
3. lamb (her fluff)
4. lemur (her tail)
5. bunny (her hopping)
6. pig (her snorting)
we feel that this mixture is perfect in concocting a sweet cuddly companion with a sassy personality :)


  1. Yes, unless Art is feeling extra "doggie cuddly" I am always in the middle of the spoon too! It's so warm! But by morning my hips are numb and aching...but that's a small price to pay :)

  2. She is one crazy dog. What's the deal with that first picture? She looks crazy...

  3. Ethan can relate to this story...he loves it when she flufficates him! I have now discovered your blog...mua-ha-ha-ha-ha...

  4. 7. mountain goat - this is her name at night when joel and i leap into bed and try to roll together in the middle to snuggle before she weasels her way in (we could also call her weasel...) and if we succeed, then she will climb on top of our shoulders/backs like a mountain goat and wait for us to relax so she can dive into her favorite spot - between us on our pillows :)