Friday, October 16, 2009

sheering the sheep

last night joel and i busted out the new sheers for eme. this was our first attempt at using anything electric to combat the constant fluff we are surrounded by! it went slow and was awkward but did the trick. its going to take us awhile to get the hang of this. i like it, it was kinda fun! we had to let her sniff the whole kit and get used to the sound of the blade running...not to mention we watched dodgeball at the same time - shaving between laughing and repeating the silly quotes. this kit also came with a sweet pair of scissor-shears. we are so thankful for these. for the last year and a half we've been using cuticle scissors to trim her. that's right - cuticle scissors. wasn't a big deal when she was 7 lbs - but now she's 12 (or more, i don't want to think about it...) and those cuticle scissors wear on us and it usually takes us 3 days to get her all done! if i had the energy, interest, or expertise to upload pictures i would have done and before and after of her for this blog. but i didn't even think about that until now...

shout out to jill: she went looking like a ewe to brand new!

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