Monday, November 12, 2012

Wonderful weekend!

This weekend was such a blessing for us!

We had the Garage Sale 4 Orphans on Friday night and Saturday morning!!!
We made $800!!!
I still have a few things to sell online/facebook...hoping we still meet our goal of $1000!!!!


- The MOB that gathered at the end of our driveway while we were pulling things out of the garage Friday night...I have never experienced anything like this...It was downright scary.

- Lydia (who was in the mob) coming in to make dinner plates for our kids because there were too many kids for the dads to juggle in addition to us wives asking them to come help us with stuff outside :)

- Mylin had pigtails (or as she calls it "two ponies") for the first time

- Sully starting to eat solid foods :)

- AND getting his first tooth! (with 3 more to follow soon...)

To top it all off, everyone slept all through the night.......I feel like a new woman, this morning!!!!