Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Simple Pleasures: Birthday edition

September 27th: 28 years old.
I had more simple pleasures that day than I can count...but I did take a picture of a few...
Simple pleasures: Birthday edition
Getting told 'Happy Birthday' by Joel just after midnight
Joel taking the day off work!
AND granting me 3 wishes (uh, hello - PERFECT simple gift idea!)
October Baby - I am so excited to watch!
Spending the morning playing:
Having one of my favorite people came over to surprise me!!!
Mom staying at our house for about an hour and a half while Joel and I go to the State Park for a walk

Finding some yummy mushrooms (hairy manes) that we fried up for dinner that night!
(don't worry - Joel's a mushroom hunter enthusist and knows what is edible and what is deadly)

Surprise lunch from one of my favorite restaurants: Tyeger's! 
Family pictures

Joel building Mylin a fun fort

(how cute is she in her Hello Kitty shirt and skinny jeans?!)
Trying to get pictures of my little buddy smiling - but the light of my camera flash was too intriguing!

Ending the night watching episodes of FRIENDS and lounging - a perfect day together!!!
Then on Saturday we got to go out to celebrate!
Simple pleasures of our date:
'The Tile' at Club Soda
A Sundae at DeBrands (my 'wish #3')
(wish #1 - getting a blanket out of car for me to sit on since swing on deck was wet...wish #2 - to hug and kiss and compliment me in abundance all day)
Home early to put our babies to bed and relax!
Thanks, honey - for knowing how to make me feel special and making sure it happens!
I love you!


  1. Aww, looks like a WONDERFUL birthday! I love the picture of Mylin and your so cute! Happy birthday (a few days late)!!!!

  2. love this! Sounds like a perfect day!

  3. Yay for a day of feeling special! What a extraordinary simple pleasure!

  4. So Mylin is not a toddler but a little girl! When did that happen?!?