Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Simple Pleasures

In dedication to our Mom Life discussion today, I am going to try to start blogging once a week about 'simple pleasures'
I rarely have time to blog (or make time to blog) right now, but this will be a quick and easy way to stay at it!

This week's simple pleasures:

open windows

candle scents

rainy days

12:04 (when Joel gets home for lunch)

Sully's happy noises

Mylin singing to Sully when he cries

baking cinnamon rolls

eating cinnamon rolls :)

my favorite sheets on the bed this week

hairbows in 2 year old's hair

fellowship with friends

reminder my of my name's meaning

being the first one kissed when daddy gets home

God's renewal and strength to endure and enjoy each day

What were your simple pleasures this week?!


  1. rain clouds
    running the sun up with Leo
    good books
    impending haircut appointment

  2. boys feeling better
    getting through the day without needing a nap
    using the new light in my kitchen that creates an environment of warmth
    watching a holiday movie
    reading stories to the boys
    relaxing evenings with no commitments
    hot meals around the table with the family
    New recipes that gain kids and husband approval
    pumpkin bread
    smooth school days
    hugs from Jeff each evening
    thinking about the holidays around the corner
    new friendships
    silly boys who always have something clever to say
    texts from friends throughout the day

  3. Daily coffee with God!
    the moment Michael walks in the door
    snuggles from Bailey
    cider by the fire (curtsey of our wonderful neighbors. :))
    evening fall walks
    freshly washed sheets
    a good book