Friday, December 3, 2010

an update and review

about 7 weeks ago I posted about my quest for simplification
i thought it was about time for an update!

As of that posting I had completed one goal of the ten goals: to delete my facebook account!
This was something that I felt I needed to do for me and my family in order to be more fully present with them and less consumed in checking for updates, new pictures, and the status' that are not always G rated...

Since then I have pretty much eliminated t.v. watching aside from grey's anatomy, and the occassional intervention (from A&E) episode I can catch on Netflix online. Any other t.v. watching is Joel and I together, be it Netflix movies or a quick few minutes as we wind down in the evening
I have also begun to surround myself more with Christian women and couples. Joel and I have recently become more invested in the lives of a couple at our church and are feeling so blessed by their friendship and the Godly relationships that it provides for us. I have also been a part of a Mom's group this fall and feel enriched by the other Godly women I am meeting and learning from. I am also going to be in another women's Bible study this winter and am excited about meeting weekly again in a small group to discuess Scripture and our lives.

The three goals that I must concentrate at each day are to listen and talk to Joel each day without the distraction of Mylin, to focus on Mylin while she is awake, and to read Scripture daily. I am doing ok on these three. Each day is different and I pray for motivation, determination, and focus for these goals!

Joel and I have worked out with some friends to trade date nights once a month. So while we haven't worked it out to have a date every other week, we're getting there...

I was exercising 3 times a week when I had a 3 month membership to a local gym, but that membership is up and so is my exercise...I hope to begin running again and Joel and I want to join our city gym that is only 5 blocks away this next year so we have the convenience of walking/running there (instead of scraping our cars) and not have the constraints of strict class times (I was spinning at 5:15am twice a week...that made me sleepy...)
I am still NOT getting up at 6 a.m. each day, even though when I do my days go so much smoother and I am better equipped to meet these simplification goals!
And lastly, my fall semester is wrapping up and I am nearing my graduation date of May 14th, and requirement completion that will happen sometime this summer...I feel as though I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I know its there somewhere!

So, 3 completed, 3 working on daily, 1 in progress, and 3 left to go...I'm not too disappointed!
Any tips, encouragement or hints on how to continue to meet these is appreciated :)


  1. Rachel,
    You are doing such a great job! It is amazing what those little steps can do to give you that sense of empowerment. You have done a tremendous job balancing your busy schedule, I am so proud of you! I am so excited about you joining the gym...I am going to be doing the same! :) As much as I miss our spinning, I am super excited about the flexibility this will offer.

  2. Hey Rache!

    You are doing such great things. Simplifying your life takes some work--because we are all so geared toward the "American Dream" and just everything the American society has to offer. But it is so rewarding! In my first month as a mommy, I am working on some of these same things! I am very thankful we got rid of our TV before we had kids so I'm not tempted to be distracted with it now. But my daily goal/struggle is definitely to find as much time (or close to as much) to read and pray and spend time with the Lord as I did before our daughter was born! I'm pretty sure the answer is that I need to get up earlier...but not sure I'm ready to do that yet :) Keep up the awesome simplification work! (and see you in about a week!)


  3. So proud of you! You've done a great job identifying things that will help you, things you'll enjoy, and things you can look ahead to! I'm so impressed! I think you're on a great track - keep it up!

    Maybe slowly ease your way back to 6am? Like if you get up at 7 normally, start getting up at 6:45 for a week, then 6:30 for a week, then 6:15, etc. It might help you get ready for 6am easier? And make the 6am stick?