Saturday, October 23, 2010

bailey dates :)

Mylin gets to enjoy lots of fun dates with her friend and neighbor, Bailey :)
Eme enjoys these dates too!

Joel and I get to trade dates with Bailey's parents
Last night we had Bailey over
I had just returned home from my counseling internship, and Joel wasn't expected home for 20 more minutes - so I just sat in front of these beauties eating a snack!
I was too afraid to get them out and try to handle it myself in case they both got mad!

Miraculously, when Joel had our delicious dinner all ready, Bailey and Mylin both fell asleep!
They slept for 30 minutes - allowing us to eat and clean up
P.S. this never happens to us during dinnertime with just one baby....

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  1. I Love our Bailey/Mylin dates!! So glad you all had a great time! :)