Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I promise that one day (maybe soon, maybe not) I will return to having posts that are not entirely about Miss Mylin :)
I'm assuming I will have things in my life again that don't revolve around her!

Today Mylin and I went on our first expedition by ourselves! It was my first time driving in 3 weeks and also my first time driving around our sweet little birdie! I went to Huntington for a 1 hour meeting and our graduate receptionist insisted on scooping Mylin up and watching her during my meeting - what a blessing! When I came out she was feeding her a bottle and had just changed her diaper :)

Also, being a mom means you learn all sorts of new tricks that are amazing...
1. I fed Mylin a bottle in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom...(wiping was a challenge)
2. Today I pumped (which I have to hold onto) and had her wrapped up comfortably on my lap at the same time!
3. Generally carrying things up and down the stairs (which I am supposed to limit) is crazy from looping pillows around my arms, carrying water bottles, trying not to drop my cell phone and remembering to grab our sheet to keep track of nursing amounts/times - all while trying NOT to trip over Eme who is ever at my feet!

Overall my life has changed drastically in an instant and I feel like I am in an alternative universe! Hopefully I'll be returning shortly...

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