Sunday, February 28, 2010


baby draper is on the move!
two weeks ago i was so excited to finally feel her/hims flippin around!
each day the movements seem to change and transform as i'm getting used to her 'awake' cycle
last night as joel and i were watching FRIENDS (we've started season 1 and are on a mission to watch all 10 seasons all the way through!) i had him laying his hands on my belly
we've been doing this ritual each night as we lay in bed - willing the movement to be strong enough for daddy to feel
it finally happened!
he felt one really strong kick and could hardly believe it!
he was just beaming :)
we hurried and got ready for bed and laid there for several minutes as our little bundle put on a show for us!
joel was in disbelief - and said he just couldn't stop smiling

now we really feel like there are three of us and we are all bonding!
we are getting soooo excited to become parents and start cuddling with our sweet little lover

this has been a great milestone!


  1. Yes! I can't wait for my turn! THREE Drapers now!!

  2. About 4 more months of feeling the kicks until we get to hold our baby!

  3. It is funny how you are experiencing this in the same time-frame that we did. I remember that holidays were important for us...Leap Day '04 was when I felt Ethan kick and St. Paddy's Day was when we found out he was a "he". Funny how he was born, then, on a holiday!

  4. Congrats you two! That is so cool!